Allergy Information

We make every effort at Euphoria Chocolate Company to provide as much information as possible to our customers. If you have questions about the ingredients in any product do not hesitate to contact us at


We make many products with nuts – both tree nuts and peanuts. Unfortunately we must recommend against the purchase of our products for anyone with serious nut allergies. Cross contamination is a possibility, and a number of our suppliers send ingredients already noted the same.


In our production facility we make chocolate covered cookies for our retail stores. This means there is a chance of gluten cross contamination from the cookies for many items. We recommend against bagged fruits and nuts and nut clusters (cross contamination), maltballs (barley), espresso beans and Holland mints ("natural flavors” from our ingredient suppliers), and any peanut butter filled item (may contain barley or wheat products). Items with a lower but still possible chance of cross contamination are Crème Maison, Classic Truffles (except the Oreo flavor), Oregon Wine Truffles, Spice Trade Truffles, Caramels, and Classic Collection mixed item gift boxes. The Clusters line are gluten ingredient free but made on shared equipment. These items are hand dipped in the same dipping area as the cookies so cross contamination is a possibility. We can say that gluten intolerant staff members and local customers have had no problems with the Crème Maison, Classic Spice, or Wine truffles, or the Caramels. The other ingredients in these items are safe. High sensitivity customers, though, should probably avoid these lines.

So what does that leave? All solid chocolate items are gluten ingredient free. This includes buttons, hearts, and molded items. Ultra Chocolate Sauce is also gluten ingredient free. Bulk chocolate items including baking chocolate and chips are gluten ingredient free. Baking and drinking cocoas are also gluten ingredient free. The Pinot Noir, Mexican, and Mint Sauces are gluten ingredient free.


Not surprisingly all items containing milk or white chocolate have dairy ingredients. Most of our dark chocolate contains butter oil. This is a dairy fat mechanically removed from butter. It is a very pure fat but those who are particularly casein sensitive may want to avoid it as well. Our 70% Dark Chocolate Buttons (Gift, Bulk) are made on shared equipment but do not have any dairy ingredients. At this time the only items we have available that are totally dairy free with no cross-contamination risk are the Baking Chocolate Buttons and Sunrise Baking Cocoa.


Except for the Baking Chocolate Buttons and Sunrise Baking Cocoa all of our products contain soy lecithin. If the lecithin is not a problem then the same cautions as gluten apply.


Our chocolate does not contain corn syrup or other byproducts. For those with higher sensitivities the same cautions as gluten would apply.

Carmine Dye – Cochineal Extract

We have recently become aware that the red colorings in the Holland mints contain carmine.


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